Gua Sha Guide

What is Gua sha


Gua sha is one of the traditional natural therapies in China. Based on the skin theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it scrapes and wipes the relevant parts of the skin with massage tools (ox horn, jade, cupping) in order to dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.
Gua sha can expand capillaries, increase sweat gland secretion and promote blood circulation. It has an immediate effect on wind cold arthralgia caused by hypertension, heatstroke and muscle soreness.


Gua sha is not only good for our health, but also can help us lose weight. Facial Gua sha can bring you face slimming effect. Now I share a set of face scraping techniques

Benefits of facial Gua sha massage


Traditional Chinese medicine points out that facial Gua sha has the following four cosmetic effects, and it can be operated by yourself at home. It is very simple and easy to learn. It is a good home maintenance method.

1. Promote metabolism and blood circulation

Facial gua sha can stimulate the nerve endings of the epidermis, enhance the conduction function, promote and repair the skin secretion, regeneration and cleaning functions, so it can accelerate metabolism and discharge the old waste products from the sweat holes.

2. Detoxify and nourish your face to achieve the effect of slimming your face

Facial gua sha can promote metabolism, help eliminate excess water and waste generated by poor circulation of the face, detoxify and remove edema in the long run, and achieve the effect of slimming the face.

3. Stimulate the meridians and regulate the balance of viscera

There are many meridians on the face, so the symptoms of human meridian diseases will react on the skin. The most common is that the intestines and stomach are bad, resulting in facial acne, and facial gua sha can stimulate the meridians and indirectly regulate the viscera through the conduction of the meridians.

4. The skin is naturally firm and smooth

Gua sha massage can promote qi and blood circulation, dredge meridians and make your complexion look more ruddy. The skin gets sufficient nutrition to shrink the pores of the face, naturally tighten and improve the face, and then match with massage oil to reduce the generation of fine lines, delay aging, and make the lines tighter, so that the face will look smaller.

How to Gua sha


Preparation before Gua sha: Gua sha board, essence oil

It turns out that Gua sha has so many benefits for maintenance! Can’t wait to learn how to shave? Don’t worry. Before Gua sha, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate Gua sha board and essential oil (or massage cream) before discounting the effect of Gua sha.

  1. Gua sha board

It is best to choose a special Gua sha board and pay attention to whether the edges and corners are round and smooth to avoid skin damage. In addition, try not to choose a plastic Gua sha board, because the plastic will produce static electricity during Gua sha, and the heat energy generated by friction during massage will also affect the shape of the plastic. If there is no Gua sha board, the blunt part of the ceramic round spoon can also be replaced, but it must be clean.

  1. Essence oil

Gua sha can not dry Gua sha, collocation essential oil or massage cream and other facial products containing fat, avoid pulling skin injury, but also prevent wrinkles.

Gua sha starts!

Step 3 Gua sha out the small V face


  1. Cleaning

To really remove makeup and wash, it’s best not to have make-up on the face, otherwise some dirt and make-up will be squeezed into the pores. In addition, after washing your face with warm water, your pores will open. This is a good time for maintenance.

  1. Apply oil

The essence oil or massage cream drops 10 yuan coin about the size of the hand, and then evenly wipe the whole face.

  1. Gua sha

Divide the face into left and right halves, and then divide it into four blocks, namely


(1) Chin to earlobe

(2) Cheek to middle of ear

(3) Pouch above ear

(4) Middle of forehead to Temple


Gua sha shall be performed from bottom to top and from inside to outside in sequence, and each block shall be Gua shad repeatedly for about 15 times. Strength should be gentle and comfortable, not the harder the better; After Gua sha, it will only turn slightly red without pain or discomfort.

According to this method, wash your face once every morning and evening. It only takes 5 minutes each time. After a period of time, you will find that your face becomes more compact and shiny. Small V face is not far from you!

Gua sha precautions! Inflamed acne can’t be Gua shad

It is suggested to replenish more water after Gua sha, so that the toxins in the body can be excreted with the water. Although facial Gua sha is gentle, there are still some precautions to pay attention to.

In the case of no wound, inflammation, long rash and acne on the face, you can Gua sha every day, but if the skin has the above problems, consult a doctor and let the skin have a good rest. At this time, if you rashly Gua sha, the skin will be over stimulated, which will have a negative effect and even cause infection.

In addition, the body is too weak, easily nervous, or suffering from diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, hemophilia, purple spot and bleeding prone patients.

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